Up On The Board relaunch December 2, 2014

Well this is nice. I’ve updated and relaunched and old project Up On The Board. It’s nice because I took it and another app, “Humble Suggestions” down and I don’t want to do that anymore. A long time ago, the mid 90’s that is (a long time for me at my age), I ran a rather large website that I built up from scratch.

That was the last time I maintained a real community, by myself. I miss it greatly. When I took down these apps the last time the excuse was a mix of “server resources”, which is absurd for a technologist (just get more, it’s your field of work) or “it’s not good enough”, which it will never be.

2014 has been a large part for me about finishing things, projects or other goals, and letting them see the light of day. It has been a great year!

footnote: Humble Suggestions can’t go back up unfortunately since it was dependent on the Netflix API which they degraded and eventually destroyed altogether.