Product Breadth, Tech Depth

I work with fellow entrepreneurs and engineers offering full stack application development. My scope of responsibilities generally include researching, architecting, and building whole systems or even just leading a major features' development.

The Usual Stack

This is very far from an exhaustive list. I enjoy the intelligent application of both new and old technologies to solve problems.

  • languages: Ruby, Javascript (ES6/7), Python, SQL. A bit of Java and C. An interest in ClojureScript, Clojure, lisp in general, functional programming in general and Elixir as a result of those
  • data: postgres, mysql, redis, memcached
  • visualization: d3.js, Highcharts, Raphael
  • processing: Sidekiq, concurrent-ruby, zeromq
  • learning: GNU GSL, Stanford NLP, TensorFlow word2vec, sklearn, named entity recognition, CRFClassifiers
  • http: Varnish, haproxy, nginx, passenger, unicorn, pm2
  • backend: Rails, Sinatra, Grape, Spree, node.js, Express.js
  • frontend: React, ReactNative, Redux, normalizr, webpack, Babel, ES6/7, Flow
  • interface: modernizr, respond.js, bootstrap, and a deep understanding of media queries and UI design

Select Experience


June 2016 - Present

Built an inventory pipeline which normalizes data from thousands of point-of-sale systems into a single stream of product inventory representing all partner stores. Involved complex information retrieval and extraction, leveraging a machine trained model for new product discovery as well as a whole host of tricks and heuristics to get high accuracy real time data as output.

Freelancing / Consulting Engineer

June 2015 - Present

Vive Style

As a contractor I led, for several months, development at in the absence of an in-house team and only a small set of remote contractors. I worked with the CEO to organize the development roadmap and coordinated with designers to build an agency-style process within a fast moving start up. We produced comprehensive designs which reflected the true long term business priorities and worked to incrementally implement them across multiple platforms.

Four Winds Katonah

I built a backend for an application serving in-patients at mental health facilities to self assess their feelings. The goal was to decrease incidents with clinical staff and self-harm by providing an outlet for patients to freely express their emotions. Patients can "check-in" to an emotion and are rewarded with a variety of content supplied via the backend.

I worked directly with a clinician who'd found that a simple routine of acknowledgment of negative emotion paired with a positive stimuli drastically reduced drug interventions and incidents with clinical staff. The backend is HIPPA compliant and allows clinicians to track overall progress at a facility or an individual patient.

Parachute Health

I worked with Parachute Health to create a microservice backend and API to securely and compliantly verify the eligiblity of incoming patient insurance data for an array of medical products. This involved very strict validation, composable rules, and in the case of failure, detailed responses and steps to correct.

BibMe is an extremely high-traffic citation service for students and researchers. I implemented a redesign to help boost ad-traffic and usability of the site. I also increased the number of sources from which users could cite from 4 to 7000+ and implemented a complementary cross-platform interactive search tool for discovery of such sources.

Short Insider co-founder & CTO

June 2012 - Present

Short Insider aggregates, audits, analyzes short interest disclosures from across the European Union and several other countries. We provide high quality real time and daily feeds to our clients.

Urtak, Product & Engineering

Union Square July 2011 - April 2012 (NYC TechStars 2011)

I was the first engineering hire at Urtak. Urtak built a highly innovative collaborative polling technology with extraordinarily high engagement rates with audiences. Placed below an article and kicked-off by a publications' staff the poll quickly gets richer as users contribute yes/no questions to it.

We never quite figured out how to turn it into an ad product but it was quite a journey nonetheless. I mostly worked as an engineer on the core of the product and pursued building out our statistics and visualizations capabilities to better understand and share our data., Systems Engineer

DUMBO February 2010 - November 2010 (acquired by facebook)

  • Worked with business, operations and engineering to develop and direct a product roadmap
  • Created and owned processes surrounding infrastructure provisioning and deployment
  • Developed deployment, branch management, code maintenance, testing, and quality strategies
  • Production operations team member

Digital Pulp, Developer

New York, NY July 2008 - December 2009

  • Developed, launched and maintained high traffic data driven content management systems
  • Built a publishing platform to integrate a major trade magazine with the web
  • Used cutting edge deployment, testing and source control tools
  • Worked with and contributed back to open source projects
  • Learned test / behavior driven development

Montclare Lab, Research Assistant

Brooklyn, New York 2004-2006

  • Researched nanoscale drug delivery vehicles and copolymers for tissue engineering
  • Routinely performed cloning, culturing, expression, purification, and spectroscopy
  • Cloned a library of protein polymers for nanoscale drug encapsulation
  • Performed kinetics and fluorescence studies to measure substrate binding and activity
  • Work presented at the American Chemical Society National Conference

Webmaster and Creator of

Warren, New Jersey 1998 - 2001

  • A seemingly very long time ago. How I got my start.
  • Apparently there is still some record of this on the web.
  • Microsoft IIS, (Allaire -> Macromedia -> Adobe) ColdFusion, MSSQL

Projects & Experiments


January 2015 - Present

Mail2FrontMatter supplies a piece of the missing functionality lost with the advent of statically generated blogs & websites, namely email-in. M2FM will parse incoming emails and replace embeddable links (youtube videos links, e.g.) with their proper responsive embeddings as well as scraping any hashtags included in your email for usage as a tag in your blog. Works with middleman and jekyll. M2FM is offered as an open source MIT licensed ruby gem.


January 2015

A twitter bot which acted as a mediator for offline games of 'assassins'. In our game, getting the business card of someone in our co-working space caused them to be 'assassinated'. The winner being the person who collects the most cards, thereby meeting the most new people, in a given timeframe. The goal was to foster intra-office business connections with other team members in other industries and lines of work.

Salt to Taste

My 'unicorn' project, to-be-rebooted. Salt to taste is a collaborative cookbook where users with different taste preferences and dietary restrictions can edit in-line other peoples recipes, creating a 'fork' a-la-git(hub). Edits can be upvoted and popular changes will automatically become the default ('master') version of a recipe.

Up On The Board

Up On The Board was an experiment when I was first learning React. The idea is to create a public self-cleaning pinboard. Old posts slowly dissapear unless they are still relevant (upvoted). Posts can be tweeted, emailed, SMS'ed, or posted over the web with text or rich media. The pinboard's content flows responsively and will only show the number of posts which can tastefully fit on the viewing device. Each board comes with a Chromecast (now 'Google Cast') integration so that offices can use it as an internal memorandum board on any TV they may have mounted.

Humble Suggestions

February - June 2013

Humble Suggestions was an experiment which arose out of services like pinboard, Instapaper and more recently Pocket which push content onto a queue for you to consume later. Humble Suggestions would resurface content at contextually appropriate times. I discovered the same thing Netflix did, which is that on Friday at 7PM, before going out you may not want to watch an old black and white movie on your Netflix queue, but a rainy Sunday afternoon might just be the perfect time to send you a reminder as a humble suggestion. I shut down the service after Netflix discontinued their API.