Mail2FrontMatter January 8, 2015

in code, meta

Back way when I had a really nice little contained project that parsed incoming emails to what I called a ‘stream’. It simply generated some thumbnails and posted them up on an endlessly scrollable blog for me on the fly. It worked nicely but I took it down for one reason or another.

At the same time in my previous post I was lamenting not having a few features of tumblr I liked, post queueing, social media distribution, email-to-blog, etc. So in my spare time I’ve been working on what I think would be a nice updated version of my stream project for this modern yet old-school statically generated site.

The components are:

  • an incoming email parser, which writes blog-metadata and saves attachments
  • a file system event monitor which pushes changes to git and triggers the static build process
  • a responsive image (picturefill compatible) generator inside Middleman

I’ve put the first and very rough cut of these items up on GitHub

It’s called Mail2FrontMatter. It is not Middleman specific and it would be nice if I could maintain compatibility for both the Jekyll and MiddleMan communities.